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Emne lukket8 timers audio DVD (tabsfri lyd)

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Oprettet: 05-Oktober-2003
Sted: Denmark
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Direkte link til dette indlæg Emne: 8 timers audio DVD (tabsfri lyd)
    Sendt: 30-Januar-2004 kl. 10:41

Hej Alle

Her er en opskrift på hvordan man kan bruge DVD mediet til musik i høj kvalitet. Hvis MP3 ikke er godt nok til dig, var denne opskrift på en 8 timers DVD med højkvalitets lyd (tabsfri PCM stereo) måske noget?

NB. Opskriften er fundet i et engelsk forum, og endnu ikke afprøvet.

Her følger den originale tekst:


Tools needed:
An audio editor (e.g. CoolEdit Pro 2.0/Sonic Foundry Soundforge)
Sonic Foundry DVD architect (now called Sony DVD architect)
A CD ripper to rip wav files from CD

General Instructions

1. Rip wav files from whatever CDs you want to compile.
Copyright notice: you must own the CDs in order not to violate copyright laws. The copied content cannot be sold, and must be used for personal consumption only.

2. Start up DVD architect and create a Music Compilation. Specify PCM files for your compilation (in the Optimize menu section), otherwise the program will transcode your audio files to some other compressed formats. You can set architect to convert the 16-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files to 16-bit 48 kHz or higher (24-bit 48 kHz or even 24-bit 96 kHz) WAV files.

3. Each WAV file is to be associated with a still picture or movie file. I leave it to your imagination to find suitable blank screens, album covers, lyrics screens, motion video clips, etc to wrap each WAV file into the standard VOB file required for DVDs.

4. Create whatever menu structure you want to organise your songs.

5. Create the compilation's DVD structure and burn the disc onto DVD+/-RW to test out your work.

The resultant DVD can be played just like professionally created music/concert DVDs but in high definition (lossless) Stereo.

When you are suitably comfortable with the methodology, you can try squeezing even more songs onto a DVD by encoding with AC3. Or those musicians among you can create multichannel audio files and create full-fledged surround-sound DVDs.
Note: For those who are keen to try "upsampling" ordinary CD audio to 24-bit 48 kHz or 24-bit 96 kHz audio, do note that the resultant audio quality depends much on the software algorithm used to perform aliasing on the data. Also, the much larger file sizes will reduce the number of songs you can squeeze into a disc. Finally, note that not all DVD players can output a 24-bit 96 kHz digital data stream, and also, old dvd players may not support 24-bit 96 kHz audio.

Have fun!

This method is aimed at high-quality audio, and is thus not for those who are satisfied with storing MP3 songs onto CD-R.

The digital output from the DVD can be fed to your 24/192 audio card (if you have one), and can also be fed to external DACs for better sound.

Overall, the aim of this exercise is to create extended-play music discs with high quality audio.



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